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Hi, I'm Heather. I'm a busy working mom, wellness coach, Whole30 certified coach, and wife. I'm passionate about making clean eating and a healthy lifestyle easy and sustainable for busy working moms! My journey kicked into high gear after my daughter was born and I felt even more driven to showing her how food is nourishment and not a punishment or reward. Eat Clean Play Dirty is a space to teach and support busy working parents to balance work, family, health, and adventures. When I'm not working at my corporate job, or helping develop tips and tricks for you busy folks, you can find me playing outside (camping, mountain biking, hiking, skiing) or binging on real housewives or netflix.



Heather Acken

I'm a busy working mom who has been on a wellness journey her whole life. I grew up active and in a very health-conscious family but age, life, and having a kiddo has really changed all that. I had a few health scares before the birth of my daughter that really got me serious about what I'm putting on and in my body. I have been driven over the last 4 years to find a better way of eating and living for myself and my family. I'm here to share everything I've learned on my journey to help you save time, money, focus on health, and do so in an easy and simple way. My goal is to make things easier so you can make the most of your time with your family as possible. My focus is on eating healthy, nutritious, real, minimally processed, and well-sourced food. I also care about the product I use in my home and on my body so I help navigate what I've learned there as well. I am passionate about passing down these lessons to you and our children as well. Besides Eat Clean Play Dirty, I work full time in the corporate world, love spending time outside in beautiful Colorado, and of course making the most of my time with my husband, daughter, friends, and family.

I'd love to stay connected, follow me here, on Instagram or Sign up for my Newsletter for all the latest in the Eat Clean Play Dirty world. 

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