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10 Peloton Accessories That Are Worth It

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Since owning my Peloton for a few months, I'm still loving everything about it. I'm still riding regularly and branching out to a lot of the other features and workouts available through the app. *This post contains affiliate links

I've finally compiled a list of items that I use regularly to make my workouts more comfortable or to keep my bike clean and my hair out of my eyes. Here is my list of accessories from my most used on down. Mind you, some are specific to me (ie the hair stuff) but others are items I feel like anyone could use. There are Amazon affiliate links to some of the products included. Some items I've purchased at target and some online. The links are just for your convenience. Hope you find this helpful!

1. Hairbands. Ok I feel like I have a weird shaped head and not all headbands stay put on my head. Also I sweat like a mo fo and my hairline is usually dripping during classes. I like using these really wide headbands that can also be used as facemasks. I like to fold them in half and use them as a really wide headband. The wider the better and it really helps soak up the sweat.

2. 30 oz tumbler and silicone straws. The size and shape is important here. The 30 oz ones that have a tapered bottom actually fit in your handlebars (see pic). Makes for convenient sips. I actually like these so much that I got another one for my desk at work. I prefer the silicone straws because they are super wide and I don’t have to worry about banging my teeth like on the aluminum or steel ones.

3. Disinfectant wipes. I use these guys to wipe down my bike and mat every few rides. They work well, smell great, and are super convenient.

4. Wireless headphones. I am cheap and this pair linked below works just fine. I don’t use them all the time, just when I need to be quiet. I love an over the ear style because I have small ears and in-ear styles always fall out from sweat or are super uncomfortable.

5. Spiral hair ties. I’ve recently found these and they really hold my hair great. I can put it all up in a messy bun and pull on my hairband and i’m good to go. The spiral style also prevents kinks in your hair so you don’t get those indents and have to wash and style again.

6. Hand towels. You can’t have enough of these. I like to drape mine over my handlebars for a comfy and sweat free grip. They are also great to blow your nose into (gross I know but necessary sometimes). Buy a big pack so you can change them out each ride if needed.

7. Dual sided pedals. Ok first thing I did before riding my Peloton was to switch out the pedals. I ride a mountain bike that already had SPD clips and I wanted to use the same on my Peloton. You are not tied into the pedals the bike comes with (which are only LOOK compatible). Pedals are easy to change, just remember the left is reverse threaded and therefore lefty loosy righty tighty is opposite on that one. I got these dual sided ones because my husband doesn’t have clipless on his bike and prefers to just ride in sneakers with the cages. These are also awesome to have if you have guests riding your bike too.

8. TIEM Indoor spin shoes. At first I rode in my mountain bike shoes but found these really cool ones when I was riding at a local spin gym. They are just like running shoes and have this really cool easy one strap to tighten them. You can also walk around with them without that clicking noise, but I don’t really need that since I leave my shoes by my bike. Again these are spd compatible so you would have to change to spd pedals from the ones that come with your bike.

9. Spin Tray. Ok, it's taken me a while but since working at home I broke down and purchased a spin tray. This makes working on my laptop and spinning so easy. The tray fits wonderfully and my laptop does not slip. Admittedly this really works best for when I am in conference calls where I am really an inactive participant and not for typing or working. I also sometimes take training courses while spinning as well. I set my bike to a "just ride" program and then dial in.

Kid's Smart Cycle. This is great for those parents out there. I have had mine for my 4 year old for a year and she loves riding with me. There are a bunch of apps you can download so the kids can participate with races and games that sync with the bike. We even went a little extra and painted the bike like a Peloton and my daughter says it's like "mommy's bike."

If you're purchasing a Peloton or any accessories from them directly, feel free to use my discount code: PV8C8V.

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