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Costco Shopping List

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Below is my most recent list of Whole30/Paleo/Gluten Free/Dairy Free Costco finds. Granted every store is different and a lot of items seem to rotate back out and in again. I will update this post whenever I find something new!


proscuitto and sausage for breakfasts. great organic eggs at a great price. lunch meat for convenience.

Much more fresh meats than I could post but here are some favorites

These canned and premade proteins are great to have on hand for quick meals


Costco has a great selection of fresh and frozen veggies. Check for new products often!

canned veggies are great staples and also for making sauces/chili


Dried, frozen, and canned, all great options as long as canned is in fruit juice and dried has no added sugar


some super easy sides and spreads/dips to spice up your meal


canned coconut milk for creamy sauces and coffee, almond flour for recipes. great oils for cooking and spices, chicken stock for recipes


Almond and coconut milk for recipes and coffee, coconut water is a great hydration option and usually there are lots of sparkling water options


Thre are more options for nuts in stores, almond and sunbutter are great staples, olives for portable convenient healthy fats

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