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Hair Training and Cleaner Hair Products

As part of my new year’s resolution to switch to cleaner household and personal products, I started focusing on my hair care. In particular I wanted to start training my hair in addition to using a cleaner shampoo and conditioner. What does hair training have to do with cleaner products? And what the heck even is hair training? Well, read on for a recap of my experience so far.

So what is hair training? Well essentially it’s going longer between washes so that you “train” your scalp to produce less oil and therefore make washing less frequently achievable. Mind you, you are still showering and cleaning your body, you just don’t shampoo your hair. Some people out there are blessed with dryer hair and can naturally go a lot longer between washes. I am not one of these people. I have always had oily straight hair and got to the point where if I washed my hair in the morning, it would start looking greasy by that night. It’s an endless cycle, and really really inconvenient. On top of that, washing isn’t so great for your hair itself. You’re stripping the hair every time you wash it and never get the benefit of the natural oils your body produces to keep your hair moisturized. The stripping process also kicks your oil glands into overdrive because they are working to combat the frequent washing and replace your natural oil faster.

I talked with my hairdresser about training my hair and she suggested going slow and starting by trying to wash every other day. I did that for a few months and found that the in-between wash days I was really just putting my hair up. I didn’t know what else to do and didn’t know if my hair was actually producing any less oil.

I started doing some research on hair training online and how to use dry shampoo (because I felt like every time I used it it looked like I dumped baby powder on my head). I stumbled across Jasmine Rae on Instagram @jasmineraehairco, and started watching her videos. OMG what a life changer. Jasmine actually explains all the basics, gives you a schedule of how to train your hair, and then goes into details like how to use dry shampoo, what to do when you get sweaty from working out, how to style your hair, and even how to wash it. These step by steps are what I needed!

I followed her schedule and started adding a day every few weeks. I’m now at the point that I wash my hair about twice a week.

Hair training and safer beauty products
This is me with Day 3 Hair and actually wearing it down!

Now what does this have to do with cleaner products? Well first off I’m saving on product just due to the less frequency of use. I switched to using Beautycounter and Acure shampoo and conditioner in and effort to use a safer, cleaner product as well. Not only am I saving money by shampooing twice a week instead of 7+. I’m saving the environment by just using less product over that time as well.

Some other benefits I’ve noticed from washing my hair less:

  • I save a ton of time getting ready in the morning.

  • My hair and scalp are healthier and my hair is shinier and thicker.

  • I’m losing less of my hair when I wash it.

  • I have much more volume.

  • I’m using less heat on my hair since I’m not blow-drying everyday.

Finally here are some tips if you are interested in hair training and starting on the journey yourself.

1. Follow Jasmine Rae on Instagram @jasmineraehairco and watch her highlights on hair training. She also has videos on Facebook.

2. Invest in a good shower cap. I was using a plain old plastic one. Using one that has a lining makes the world of difference. It’s not cute but it’s worth it. Here's a good inexpensive terry lined shower cap.

3. Try lots of dry shampoos. I have tried so many to find one that works for me. I will post a review of these at a later date but really I find everyone has their own preference. I like buying travel size when I can to try them out first before investing. Batiste is a great inexpensive one to start with.

4. Also invest in great hair ties, headbands, and hats. Sometimes you just gotta put your hair up as you’re pushing through or right before wash day. I really like these spiral ones lately. they give more volume to a pony tail and work equally well for a messy bun.

5. Get a boar bristle brush. Jasmine explains to you how to brush your hair for a healthy scalp throughout this process. I use a cheap Wet brand one that is super soft.

Hope you find these tips helpful. Please comment below with any more tips, trick, or questions of your own!

*none of the products linked are endorsed, I have used them all and have included my amazon affiliate links for you to use as you wish.

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