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Safer Skincare and a review of Beautycounter

Hi All!

So I’ve been slowly starting to focus on incorporating cleaner and less harmful beauty products and cleaning products into my household. Though by all means I’m not perfect at keeping what I eat clean all the time, I have a better grasp of it and more sustainability in my journey so it’s time to start focusing on what I put on my body and expose my family to.

To start I wanted to focus on my makeup, moisturizer, and sunscreen. These are items that I use the most and wanted to start switching over. One of the catalysts to wanting to become cleaner in the beauty/household arena was downloading the “Healthy Living” app by The Environmental Working Group Basically you can use this app to scan your favorite products, or search manually, and they give a score from 1-10 (1 being the best) on how safe the product is. My goal isn’t to replace everything with exclusively rated 1 products, but to move some of my higher scoring items lower, ideally 3 and below for me.

So to start I ordered some Beautycounter products recently that I’ve had some time to use and review and wanted to share.

To be honest I’ve tried some of the more natural products in the past and just haven’t been satisfied. Yes I used bareminerals foundation but I just couldn’t get away from good old covergirl mascara and regular eyeshadows. They just work better. I don’t use a ton of makeup but mascara is my go-to, so I started there and ordered beautycounter’s volumizing mascara. I also ordered their foundation (even though I bought one in the past and didn’t like it), because i’m dead set on finding something lightweight that works since it goes all over my face. I also tried their lotion because of hearing good reviews, and again living in Colorado means I have to moisturize like crazy. Lastly I tried a lip sheer because I like to have a tint of color and had heard good things again. Here is my review of the products broken down.

Volumizing Mascara-Love it! I don’t need length and just like my lashes to curl more and stand out. This stuff seriously does the trick and I have no complaints at all. Will definitely be using this exclusively. Also you can layer it which is nice if you are going for more of a night look and want even more definition.

Tint Skin Foundation-Ok seriously love this one. I previously tried their dew skin and didn’t care for it at all so my expectations were low. Dew skin really provided minimal coverage and the color I got was off. Luckily a friend of mine uses it and I could gift it to her. This one though is great! The color is great and again you can layer for more coverage if needed. I have applied with a blender, a brush, and my fingers and all work wonderfully. If you are going to get anything, get this!

Sheer Lipstick-It’s good but I honestly don’t wear it enough. I find I still use my gloss or I use lipsense because it’s awesome. The color I got though I do like and it’s super moisturizing. I’m just not as much of a lipstick girl.

Countermatch Adaptiv Body Moisturizer-Really like this body lotion. It’s lightweight but still really hydrating. Also it has zero scent which is nice and my husband can use it. This one is super worth it for me.

I want to disclose that I’m not a distributor or affiliated with Beautycounter at all. These are just my honest opinions on products that I paid good money for. I order my products through Kristen and she’s super helpful. Originally I bought the lipstick in a color I didn’t care for and wanted to exchange it. Beautycounter offers full refunds but they were less than helpful with an exchange for me. Kristen stepped in and took care of it for me immediately. She is awesome. Check out her site if you’re interested in their products for yourself I would like to try their liquid eyeliner and some of their sunscreens next so I will review again when the time comes. Hope this was helpful and Happy shopping!

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