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Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

The cold and flu season is upon us. Yaaaaay! (sarcasm inserted) Since i just went through a head cold myself and little H is always catching something at daycare I thought i would share some of the more natural ways I deal with colds in our house.

Why natural? Well i was always raised with homeopathic remedies. Healing myself has always been important to me. I just don’t want to use too many over the counter medicines or antibiotics if I have to. I used to get sick with strep throat all the time before I started eating cleaner and really like that my body is healthy enough to fight most things on my own. Granted if it goes too long or I’m not seeing improvement, I am certainly not going to deny modern medicine.

For little H it’s a different story. Her pediatrician has always told me that over the counter medicines don’t have an effect on infants and toddler and to use natural remedies that are safe as well as tylenol when needed. I also saw this article posted recently that supports that claim even more. New York Times article on remedies for children and medicine having no effect under 6 link.So for her I really need to try things that are natural.

Here is my top list of items to help with the cold and flu season with links. I also love to make my own bone broth with leftovers to drink as well:

My favorite collagen to boost the immune system

The nose frieda, gross but sooo effective if they can't blow their noses yet

This diffuser is a little pricier but it has great functions and lasts a long time

Love these epsom salts to relax, decongest and detox

This is a link to the diffuser blend I use. It’s safe for kids. Check out the Using Essential Oils Safely website and here’s a link to the recipe:

What are your tried and true natural remedies for the cold season? Comment below!

*links are to my Amazon affiliate account which gives me a portion if you purchase

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