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My 8 Favorite Whole30 Sauces

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

To help picky eaters and food boredom

clean ingredients for my 8 favorite whole30 sauces

Whenever I'm doing a Whole30, the key to fighting food boredom is with sauces. I love to dress up any meat or veggie with a dipping sauce. My toddler finds them so exciting and it helps me dress up boring leftovers as well. If you have a picky eater or find yourself in a rut, try adding one of these sauces to your proteins, veggies, or fruit. They are honestly a lifesaver! Some reasons I love a good sauce:

  • Grilled chicken becomes palatable (lets be serious, who can even eat it plain?)

  • Meatballs become exciting and new

  • Raw veggies can be eaten (I hate them otherwise)

  • Apple slices become a delicious and special snack

  • Ground meat becomes more versatile

  • The flavor profile of any meal can be changed

Here are my 8 favorite sauces with links:

Many of these sauces have mayo as the base. Here is my recipe for a quick whole30 compliant, paleo, clean no-sugar mayo:

Easy Mayo 1 C. Light tasting olive oil or Avocado oil 1 Egg 1 Tbsp. Lemon or Lime juice ½ Tbsp. Yellow Mustard (check ingredients) ½ Tsp. Salt

Put everything in a wide mouth mason jar or a cup that will fit an immersion blender.

Put your blender over the egg and blend on low until incorporated, then move it around slowly to fully mix. Voila! Lasts as long as the expiration date on your eggs.

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