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Group Coaching

Welcome! Below is information for my February Whole30 Group to help you decide if it's right for you. I hope you join us! If you have additional questions please feel free to direct message me or email me at

Why do I need a coach?

Here some reasons why having a coach and completing a Whole30 is beneficial:

  • You want to learn a new relationship with food

  • You want to feel in control

  • You want to sleep better, have clearer skin, feel more present and have more energy

  • You want to lose weight

  • You want to reduce bloat and have better gut health


If you’ve completed a Whole30 but not found sustainability, started and stopped a bunch of times, or have been wanting to complete a Whole30 but haven’t found the drive or support to do so.

I will be giving a healthy dose of tough love combined with support and empathy. I’ve been in your shoes. I have completed 5 rounds of Whole30 myself, with many other starts and stops, as well as failing at reintroduction and food freedom before. I will be sharing all my experiences and pitfalls to look out for as well as what I’ve learned to be successful. I will also be completing this Whole30 right there with you.

How it works

6 weeks of coaching broken down:

  • January 25th - group will open for a week of prep

  • February 1 -March 2nd - our Whole30 will officially take place

  • March 2nd - Day 30!!

  • March 3rd - 10th - Reintroduction start and discussion

It’s highly encouraged that you read The Whole30 before beginning this group. You can also find all the Whole30 rules and recommendations online for free at but the book is more thorough and will provide more detail. I am here to answer questions but it will be more beneficial for everyone if you have a good grasp of how the program works and what is required ahead of time.


What you get
  • Accountability

  • Education

  • Support

  • Freebies


A private Facebook group where all discussion, lessons, participation, and assignments will take place. I will be in the group a minimum of 2-3 times a day answering questions, posting tips and hacks, providing templates and resources, posting videos, and checking for daily accountability. You will receive 4 weeks of meal planning and shopping lists, and weekly instructional emails. Group members will be able to ask questions and I will have homework assignments periodically.  Members will also be able to encourage and help each other as well.

I am a busy working mom and not a chef at heart. I will be sharing more hacks, tips, and tricks to help you succeed in your Whole30 over providing you recipes. The meal plans are a combo of easy recipes and some convenience items. I will share my favorite simple meals that work for my family but if you’re looking for complex meals this isn’t the place. If you’re looking for a way to save time, prepare for late nights and long days at work, and have options available to stay on track, this is for you.


I'm offering this six-week coaching group for $80 each. And as a special bonus, if you sign up with a friend, you both get the coaching group for $75 each. *To gain access for the $75 price, please message me the name of yourself and your friend so that I can validate. Otherwise, you will not be added to the group until the full price is collected.


Why should I pay for this?

A financial investment can be very motivating for people and help keep them accountable. It is a promise to yourself and others and there is potentially more of a commitment when it affects your pocket. For someone like me, the transformation actually happens in the transaction. That being said $80 for 6 weeks of coaching is very low in the grand scheme of things. This is an investment in yourself!

Ready to enroll? 

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