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Mom’s Curry (dairy free, gluten free, paleo, Whole30)

Growing up my mom made the most delicious curry. She would whip it up on a cold day the smell was just heavenly. Coming from an Italian and German family it’s a little surprising that she made curry but I just loved it.

Recently we were home and my Aunt had a batch of this curry in the fridge. I was sooo excited and proceeded to eat a ton of it. My Aunt shared my mom’s recipe with me which ended up being suuuuuper simple on ingredients. Score! One of the main ingredients is cream of mushroom soup though, and though I do love cream of anything soups, the ingredients aren’t wonderful and I was determined to make a clean version of this.

I scoured the internet to see if some cream of mushroom recipes already existed that I could work with. I’m no chef and there was no way I could come up with it on my own. I found his recipe by Flo and Grace (link). It worked wonderfully! The only thing I changed to make it Whole30 compliant was subbing coconut aminos for the soy sauce. I am so thrilled to find this and can’t wait to use it more and more. It freezed well also and made about 2 cups of soup.

So using this for my cream of mushroom soup mix I made my mom’s curry recipe completely whole30 compliant as well as paleo, dairy-free, and gluten-free. I’m so excited!

Mom’s Easy Curry


1 Medium onion finely chopped

1 Medium apple finely chopped

1 C. of cream of mushroom soup mix (or 1 can of the regular stuff)

2-3 Tbsp curry powder

2 C. shredded chicken

¼ C. Chicken broth


Saute the onions and apples in ghee until translucent. Add your curry powder until just heated up and then add your chicken broth and cream of mushroom soup. Stirr together and add your shredded chicken. That’s it! Note that you may need add a little more broth or soup if you want more sauce. I even added some coconut milk to thin it out more. Serve over cauliflower rice, spinach leaves, potatoes, or rice (not Whole30).

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