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My Top 12 Whole30 Staples

Many of you are nearing the end of a January Whole30, or you’re just in the new year and want to clean up your diet a bit. I wanted to give you guys a list of some of my essentials to keep on hand for everyday life. These are more of the convenience items that I stock in my fridge and pantry to make sure I’ve got some go to things to keep me on track and help make healthier choices. I also wanted to give you a comparison of where I find my items the cheapest.

Usually I order through Thrive market. They are an amazing online store that really saves me a ton. I’ve been a member since 2015 and love them. They are like the Amazon of health food. They even have wine and frozen meat now! I’ve partnered with them to offer you guys a free month and discount if you want to try them out. Details are at the bottom. For most of these items I’ve done a little comparison shopping for you. I usually look at Amazon, Thrive, and Sprouts to find the lowest deal. Sprouts is local to me and waaaay cheaper than Wholefoods or my local grocery stores. If you go to my link and click “get started” it will take you to a page with a long list of my Whole30 staples for you.

Heather’s top 12 Whole30 staples

1. Primal Kitchen Mayo or Homemade

If you can’t tell by now I live on mayo. Also it’s just the basis for some awesome sauces. See this post for more info.

Thrive $7.49

Sprouts $9.99

2. Primal Kitchen Ranch or Homemade

When I don’t feel like making my own, this primal kitchen one works just as well.

Sprouts $6.99

Thrive $5.99

3. New Primal Buffalo Sauce or Homemade

I looooove buffalo sauce. Usually I make my own by just combining franks red hot and ghee but, if i’m feeling lazy and don’t want to dirty a pot, this is great.

Thrive $6.99

Sprouts $8.99

4. Primal Kitchen Ketchup

This is seriously the closest I’ve found to regular ketchup. Love it.

Thrive $4.99

Sprouts $5.99

5. Portable Protein

Chomps, RX bars, DNX bars, Epic Bars, and Nick’s Sticks are some of my favorites

6. Hard Boiled Eggs

Easy, cheap, portable, done. I love to put everything but the bagel seasoning on them, devil them, or make egg salad.

7. Baby Carrots

This is just another easy portable item to have on hand. They are great on their own or dipped in sauce. They hold up well in a purse since they are more solid than other chopped up veggies as well. Though snap peas are a close second for me.

8. Larabars

I try to keep them as an emergency only because they are so sweet and can send me into cravings. Cashew cookie is my favorite compliant flavor.

Sprouts $16.00

Thrive $16.99

9. Guacamole Packs

I really like Wholly Guacamole and can find them at Costco. They freeze really well.

10. Applesauce Pouches

Again quick and portable and I always have them on hand for the kiddo too.

Amazon $9.49

Thrive $9.99

11. Sparkling Water

There are soo many options out there now that I definitely suggest trying a few to find what you like. I used to love la croix but now I really like bubbly and waterloo. Every brand has a different taste to me and there’s a lot of flavors out there. Also I love making kombucha mocktails with them.

12. Avocado Oil

I love that avocado oil has a high smoke point and has a light taste so it makes a great homemade mayo.

Sprouts $12.99

Thrive $9.99

I’ve been a member of Thrive since 2015 and I’ve saved over $330 in that time. I’ve definitely more than covered my cost of membership for the savings. For a 30 day free membership AND 25% off, use this code:

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