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TMAC Fitness Review and other free/inexpensive plans

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Finding time to workout is a constant struggle for me. That, and let’s be honest, also finding the motivation. Having a variety of options is my ideal state but sometimes financially it’s limiting. I don’t want to join a bunch of different gyms and I have yet to find one that provides everything I could ever want, with classes on my schedule, within budget, and with daycare.

So, often I find that I have to get creative and shop around and use what’s available. I’m always looking for intro rates and free memberships and I finally decided to try TMAC Fitness. I have seen him on social media and a lot of the Whole30 community loves him. I figured I’d give it a shot. Here is my honest review of the plan (not endorsed whatsoever) and also some other fitness resources I like to use.

TMAC Fitness the positives:

Oh my gosh do the workouts make me sweat! It’s great, I really feel like I get a great workout. Also it’s only 20 minutes which is ideal for me. Things that take an hour are really hard to do consistently. I also love that you need no weights whatsoever and can do all the workouts barefoot. This is great any time of of day but especially for me when I often workout after the little one is bed. The website has quite a variety of workouts and I feel like it would take me a long time to get through them all or get bored. The workouts themselves are high quality as far as production and Todd’s personality is great.

The negatives:

Honestly very few here but one is the price, it’s comparable to some of my local gyms but not a dealbreaker for me. Might be for some since you’re only getting one product for the price. Another negative for me is that some of the workouts are only about 3 moves on repeat for the whole time. I sometimes like a little more variety. Finally the workouts are streamed through a website. I’d love it if there was an app so they played better on my smart TV or tablet.

Overall this is great program and super convenient for a busy mom like myself. Lately I’ve been incorporating them in between getting outside with the baby and spin classes that I take locally.

Here’s a link to the website if you’d like to try it out yourself:

Here’s some additional free/inexpensive fitness plans and resources:

  • Beachbody-sometimes offers a free week trial

  • Tmac fitness-3 free workouts or free month with code Whole30 (at time of this post)

  • Cable provider on demand

  • Prime video

  • Youtube-especially for spin classes

  • Peleton App-14 day trial

  • Health Insurance-See if your plan offers discounts on programs or gyms

  • Pinterest-I love looking for infographics of quick home HIIT workouts

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